Courtney Stewart

Published by View Article<p>Born and raised in Mid-Michigan, Courtney Stewart, moved to Ashland Oregon in 2018 to pursue a Master of Science in... <a class="view-article" href=""></a></p>

Ali Stauffer

Published by View Article<p>As a lifelong resident of Southern Oregon, Ali received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Southern Oregon University and graduated... <a class="view-article" href=""></a></p>

Lagbara Garner

Published by View Article<p>A native of Michigan, Lagbara Garner relocated to Southern Oregon with her family and joined NPA in 2013. Upon graduating... <a class="view-article" href=""></a></p>

Annika Muser

Published by View Article<p>Born and raised in Paradise, CA, Anni moved to Oregon in 2019 with her family after losing their home in... <a class="view-article" href=""></a></p>

Jasmine Accord

Published by View Article<p>Jasmine was born and raised in Portland, OR, moving to Ashland, OR to finish her undergraduate degree at Southern Oregon... <a class="view-article" href=""></a></p>

Jessica Netland

Published by View Article<p>Jessica moved to Oregon from Southern California, seeking clean air and mountains. She first studied Social and Behavioral Science at... <a class="view-article" href=""></a></p>

Demetria Hebert

Published by View Article<p>Demetria graduated with honors from Southern Oregon University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with certification in Medical Coding... <a class="view-article" href=""></a></p>

Dakota Gonzales

Published by View Article<p>Born and raised in Orange County, CA, Dakota moved to Oregon in 2015 where she attended Southern Oregon University (SOU)... <a class="view-article" href=""></a></p>

Alexandra Gastelum

Published by View Article<p>Alexandra Gastelum joined NPA in 2011 after returning to the Rogue Valley to finish her degree at Southern Oregon University.... <a class="view-article" href=""></a></p>

Kate Formway

Published by View Article<p>Kate grew up in Bellingham, WA and then moved to Seattle to study at the University of Washington where she... <a class="view-article" href=""></a></p>