Skye Carlson

Published by View Article<p>Joining NPA in 2016, Skye brings over 25 years of marketing, communications and project management excellence across a variety of... <a class="view-article" href=""></a></p>

Michelle Eddy-Wels

Published by View Article<p>Since 1987, Michelle Eddy-Wels has been an integral part of the NPA team and brings over 30 years of accounting... <a class="view-article" href=""></a></p>

Sarah Morris-Peterson

Published by View Article<p>Sarah Morris-Peterson, Vice President, joined NPA in 2006. Sarah’s background in systems analysis, software design, and quality management provides the... <a class="view-article" href=""></a></p>

Erik Peterson

Published by View Article<p>Erik Peterson, President of NPA Return-to-Work Services (NPA), joined NPA in the Return-to-Work (RTW) field in 2005. As President, Erik... <a class="view-article" href=""></a></p>

Norman Peterson

Published by View Article<p>In 1985, Norman Peterson developed the OUR System, a transitional work program and founded NPA. Norman has a diverse background... <a class="view-article" href=""></a></p>