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Let us show you the advantages of our unique Return-to-Work services.

We'll conduct a free analysis and demonstrate how you can drastically reduce your workers’ compensation costs.

  • OUR System® - Learn about the Optimum Utilization of Resources System®, a unique, proactive Return-to-Work program that we guarantee will save you money.

  • Placement Administration Team (PAT) - In conjunction with the OUR System® this service utilizes NPA’s team of RTW Specialists to perform ongoing Return-to-Work administration.

  • BridgIT - A user-friendly web-based software program that will aid you in administering your OUR System® in-house.

  • Critical Claims Management Team (CCMT) - This service is a team approach composed of key players that analyze critical claims and develop a creative strategic plan.

  • OUR SystemŽ Guarantee - When you purchase the OUR System® we guarantee recovery of all fees paid in the first year or we will refund the difference between your savings and our fee.