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Benefit from our team’s focus on daily Return-to-Work activities.

Tap into NPA’s established network of contacts.

Enjoy access to NPA’s databank for tough or unusual injuries.

NPA’s Placement Administration Team (PAT) has the experience and focus necessary to perform the ongoing Return-to-Work administration of the OUR System® for employers. Our team is trained to handle the following tasks:

  • Contact personnel to gather information on the injured worker, such as department supervisor, physician contact information, and the nature of the injury.

  • Work with personnel to select appropriate Bridge Assignments to present to the physician.

  • Continue to make contact with the physician until a decision regarding Return-to-Work is made. Monitor the injured worker’s Return-to-Work progress.

  • Repeat the process until the worker is deemed permanent and stationary or is deemed unable to return to his or her usual and customary job.

There are no upfront fees for employers who wish to utilize the PAT options. It is billed to individual claim files, and since this Return-to-Work administration is a service similar to that of a Nurse Case Manager, typically no RFP (Request for Proposal) is necessary.