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Quickly return injured workers to meaningful, productive work.

Minimize risk of re-injury & reduce the recovery period for employees.

Accurately control reserves at reduced levels.

Drastically reduce indemnity costs.

What Is the OUR System®?
OUR System® Guarantee
Benefits of the OUR System®
OUR System® Goals

What Is the OUR System®?

The Optimum Utilization of Resources (OUR) System® is a unique, proactive Return-to-Work program preferred by employers, injured workers, physicians, and workers’ compensation personnel. Developed in 1985, the OUR System® was created as a solution to multiple workers’ compensation problems. Since then the OUR System® has been implemented in both the Public and Private sector.

NPA RTW Specialists begin by reviewing your Return-to-Work efforts and analyzing work/tasks currently being performed within your organization. From these findings, our RTW Specialists develop a catalog of temporary full-time equivalent assignments known as Bridge Assignments. These Bridge Assignments are then grouped by type of injury and physical capacities and plotted on a Matrix. The Matrix and catalog of Bridge Assignments create the foundation of the OUR System®.

By implementing the OUR System® your organization controls costs and returns workers to meaningful, productive work. If you are already utilizing a Return-to-Work program, the OUR System® will formalize and enhance the process with a consistency of application. The OUR System® has a proven track record. In fact, once implemented, you can reasonably expect a 20% drop in your total incurred costs and a 30% reduction in lost work days.


OUR System® Guarantee

When you purchase the OUR System® we guarantee recovery of all fees paid in the first year or we will refund the difference between your savings and our fee. For more information on our guarantee, click here.


Benefits of the OUR System®

  1. Reduction of Indemnity:
    The OUR System® has the most direct impact on paid indemnity costs. By being prepared and equipped with temporary transitional work (Bridge Assignments) in advance, injured workers can be returned to useful and productive work almost instantly. This dramatically reduces the number of days the employer must pay indemnity benefits.

  2. Impact on Medical Costs:
    The OUR System® is not an accident prevention program. However, it may positively impact the medical costs of your workers’ compensation claims. Substantial evidence indicates that workers who are quickly brought back to work in productive and appropriate assignments, with doctor approval, will not aggravate their injuries. In fact, they often recover sooner and reduce the need for medical treatment. Some studies show as much as a 50% faster recovery time.

  3. Control of Reserves:
    The OUR System® affects reserves in two ways. First, existing open claims are re-evaluated and worked into the newly implemented OUR System®. The result is early closure of some claims and improved settlement standing on other claims. The second area of impact is on the setting of future reserves. After a period of successful claims management, where lost work days and claim costs are reduced, reserves are set at reduced levels from the beginning of the claim to more accurately reflect the shorter life of the claim under the OUR System®.

Additional Benefits:

  • Employers receive productivity for their money, improve their settlement posture on long-term cases, are better prepared to meet ADA and FEHA requirements, and discourage fraud.
  • Employees enjoy a reduced recovery period, reduced financial hardship and minimized risk of re-injury.
  • Medical providers receive detailed information so that they may quickly assess the feasibility of returning injured workers to Bridge Assignments.


OUR System® Goals

Our primary goal is to minimize the pain and suffering of injured workers, maintain productivity, and decrease workers’ compensation costs in both the Private and Public sector.

The OUR System® is a three-part solution:

  1. The short-term solution begins by documenting the physical requirements of key existing tasks and developing temporary, productive transitional work for injured employees currently off work. In some cases, this halts the ongoing costs of indemnity.

  2. In the mid-term, documenting transitional work that is available from the start of the claim helps restore productivity. It also minimizes indemnity on new claims, maintaining many at the medical-only level. These steps improve control over the process and reduce ongoing indemnity payments and reserves at the outset of each claim.

  3. The long-term strategy is to consistently handle new claims as described above, to gradually close out inactive claims, and to recover unused reserves. Over time, as injuries are successfully handled, indemnity, medical, and allocated expenses are lowered.

How It Works

We design, develop and implement an OUR System® to meet the specific needs of your organization. The implementation consists of the following steps:

  1. A professional team from NPA, with the active participation of selected personnel, performs detailed analyses of work/tasks currently being done at your organization.

  2. Tasks that aren’t currently being performed but are considered valuable are similarly analyzed and included in the system.

  3. These tasks are consolidated into temporary full-time equivalent assignments (Bridge Assignments) and organized by body part to accommodate the type and number of injuries predicted. Each Bridge Assignment is documented. The assignments are developed in accordance with the injuries that account for the most lost/restricted workdays.

  4. Individual Bridge Assignments are documented and plotted on the Matrix according to level of physical demand on each of five body party groupings (leg/foot, hand/arm, etc.) to facilitate selection of appropriate placement of injured employees.

  5. Documentation of the OUR System® including plans, policies, forms and Bridge Assignments are assembled into an easy-to-use manual (print & CD) that serves as a reference for management and outside service providers.

  6. All personnel involved in the management and administration of the OUR System® are trained in the use of the system.

  7. We provide OUR System® training for designated medical providers.