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NPA’s BridgIT software program offers new OSHA 300 Log reporting feature, May 2012

BridgIT, NPA’s user-friendly, web-based software program, has long demonstrated its ability to aid in-house Return-to-Work administration. It is secure, remotely accessible and requires no installation other than access to the internet.

Built for use by Return-to-Work specialists, Workers’ Compensation coordinators and human resources personnel, BridgIT walks its users through the RTW process, tracks the collaborative efforts of medical care providers, calculates TTD savings based on days spent in modified duty and, last but not least, produces full status and summary reports for better RTW tracking and management.

We’ve recently taken BridgIT’s impressive capabilities a step further. The OSHA 300 Log, due from our clients every year on January 31, records the prior year's total number of days of modified work resulting from illness or accidents. The Log also includes Medical Only and First Aid incidents.

NPA’s BridgIT software now has the reporting capability to provide all PAT clients with the Modified Duty portion of the Log. Calculating days in modified duty can be an onerous task. Since NPA already documents this data, we provide this report to our PAT clients, free of charge, in order to help them complete their annual OSHA 300 logs. (Clients provide the Medical Only and First Aid incident information.)

The report shows the following information, listed by type of modification:
• Claim Number
• Claimant Name
• Date of Injury
• Number of Days in Modified Duty within the calendar year selected

For more information, contact:

Sarah Morris-Peterson,
Computer Systems Analyst/Business Development
P: 800-497-1368, ext. 103

NPA joins the world of social media, May 2012

At Norman Peterson and Associates, Inc., we believe in keeping our clients updated and informed of our own new services as well as ongoing changes in the RTW industry. That’s why we’ve expanded our media presence to include Facebook, Twitter and our very own blog.

To access our sites, follow these simple directions:

Facebook: Open (you must have an account) and type Norman Peterson and Associates in the search box.

Twitter: Type @RTWSpecialists on your phone.

Blog: Type in your computer’s URL (address) box.

Many members of our team have also joined the business networking site LinkedIn. Feel free to connect with and contact us individually. You can find us by clicking on the LinkedIn buttons on this website’s Staff page, or if you are logged in to LinkedIn, you can use the site’s search feature. Simply select Search by Company then type Norman Peterson and Associates in the search box.